Gullwings, let's go!
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i actually moved but i put this here b/c i needed to find things on here woohps. you can find me here!
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If you wanna RP, I'm here now!

If you wanna RP, I'm here now!


Looking for a Rikku and Paine!


[Shifts in her grasp to face her with a pensive expression.] “Yuna…” [Closes his eyes with a long exhale and moves to press his forehead to her own.] “I’m really happy you’re home but—” [Peers into her gaze sadly.] “I really don’t want you to go again.”

-Looks away and speaks in a distant tone.- “It should only be a little longer. .” -Refocuses her attention on him. “You could come with us; we could find Buddy and Shinra together.”  -A sadness captures her stare as she searches his, for a part of her knows that won’t happen.-

trustyour-partner cooed: "Are you /officially/ back from your mission? Or are you just passing back to head somewhere else?" Arms crossed.

"It’s complicated. ." -Intertwines her fingers behind her back and sways softly as she averts her attention downward.- "There’s still a lot to be done." -Looks up and smiles.- "We could always use help!"


[Stiffens and turns his head around.] “I wasn’t really unhappy, just lonely — You’re home?”

-Smiles as she peers up to catch his gaze before giving a nod.-  “Mm.” -Closes her eyes and allows her head to rest on his back.- “I’m not sure how long we’ll be staying here. . we still have a lot to do. . but I’m home.”

blackmagecrusader-deactivated20 cooed: *pounce* Hi Yuna!

"Oh—?" -hugs her as she stumbles back- "Hi there." -smiles and straightens- "How have things been?"

"Everyone’s gone…"


“Why am I alone again? Lenne, Yuna and all the other Gullwings, and now even Tidus…

“I’m all alone…”

-Notices upset Shuyin.- “What’s the matter?”


[Grumbles and pouts.]

-Comes up behind him and wraps her arms around him.- “You sound unhappy.”

Anonymous cooed: do you have a tidus?

I feel like I get asked this a lot 0.o Huh. Yes, I do have a Tidus, you can find him here. I don’t multiship, I probably never will, and I like the ship I have, so I’m staying in it :]. Hope that answers any questions you might have! 

Extending hiatus until further notice.

I need to get my RP Site up and running. Sorry!

The newbie (@therealyuna)


He looks at the brunette girl oddly, wondering why on earth she dragged him here. Or what she seems to be hiding from. He couldn’t give a straight answer, as he was far too confused. 

“I…I don’t…what’s even going on…?” 

"Mm—?" Another voice from outside averts the brunette’s attention away from the blonde’s uncertainty and over to the door. Again, she allows a wordless air to stand between the her and the blonde, pressing her ear to the thin entrance that proves to be a camouflage as the sound of a door opening and closing swipes from beyond. Still, she remains motionless, only speaking when the tap tap of boots pick up before another opening and closing assures her that the others have gone. Carefully, she cracks the closet open and peers outside.

"Safe!" she exclaims as she allows herself and Cloud out of the cramped area. Beaming, she turns to the male and holds up her hand for a high five.

Yuna is a strong independent non afrcan-american woman who don’t need NO MAN.